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Casa Victor 

Nursing & Respite Care home in Ilisesti Romania

The Need

Little if any provision is made for people with special needs in Romania.  The elderly and long-term sick are, in many ways, the most vulnerable sections of the population.  State support is low or non existent and does not keep up with inflation.  Little if any provision is made for their care other than mental hospitals where conditions are very bad.  Most people are dependent on the care of their family where they have one. If they do not have a close family, even though they may have an income and property, the outlook is pretty bleak once they become too old or infirm to look after themselves.  Huge pressures are put on families who have to provide 24 hour support to a sick relative, hence the need for respite care as a minimum.  


The project

Respite care is an unknown concept in Romania.  When someone becomes severely incapacitated, meagre family resources are stretched, often to breaking point.  This project offers two routes of support to needy physically handicapped people of all ages. 

The home is a 30 bed care unit, offering both short term respite (2 beds) and long-term nursing (28 beds) care to the communities of Suceava County, and beyond.  It also provides a base model for others to follow.

Where people have family to care for them, respite care will be offered (suggested maximum of 2 weeks per year) and also training support to improve the levels of care in the family home.

Where nobody is available to care in the family home, full long term care can be provided in the new nursing home.

Romania Care funded and project managed the construction of the come - valued at over 500,000 euros.  The home is now run by our parter Romanian charity, Bethesda foundation in Suceava.


Selection for help


Help is available to all.  Due to limited resources, and a need to ensure transparency in selection, each prospective user and/or their carer will be seen by our partner to assess needs through a standard questionnaire.  Referrals are expected from local health authorities and/or community leaders.


Ongoing costs of care


Running costs for this project are now fully funding from Romania.  However, to enable all, however poor, to benefit from Respite Care, sponsorship of the 2 respite care beds is available from Romania Care.  Romania Care also welcomes requests for consideration of financial support and expertese for capital items.

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