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Holiday Clubs

We have been running childrens holiday clubs in Romanian and Moldovan Villages since 1996.

In 2012 we ran clubs in :

   Ilisesti, Romania













  Solca,  Romania








  Ciohorani, Romania






  Falticeni, Romania






  Patrauti, Romania






In previous years, clubs were run in :

Solonet, Romania
Ipotesti, Romania
Moara, Romania
Ciohorani, Romania
Valea Bourei, Romania
Fintinele, Romania
Stupca, Romania
Ricipeni, Moldova
Valea Mare, Moldova
Ilisesti, Romania
Clit, Romania
Suceava, Romania
Solca, Romania
Bursuceni, Romania
Corocaiesti, Romania.


Numbers attending each club range from 50 to 300+


Having trained and envisioned partners in Romania, since 2009 we have helped resource clubs which they have run themselves.

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