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Fintinele charity hospitalFintinele Hospital was one of the first charity hospitals in Romania.  It had 18 beds and provided short stays (usually up to 2 weeks) for patients with chronic diseases

It was built between 1994 and 2000 and was the main focus of our work in those years.

No charge was made to stay in the hospital. A big thing was made of the fact that gifts are not expected or accepted by any of the staff - this challenged the corruption experience in most other institutions.



Suceava Baby Orphanage Refurbishing the kitchen and laundry in 1991 - 1992





Other Projects have included :


Supplying medicines for use both in hospitals and villages

Purchasing tractor plus agricultural tools for the villages of Patrauti & Bosanci.

Helping financially with the building of two Churches in Romania

Equipping a classroom at the  Suceava Nr 11 school (one of the largest in Romania) for teaching of the Christian faith.

Supplying 4000 Bibles for use by the churches in Suceava and Republic of Moldova

Supplying 300 food parcels to needy families in January 1992.

Supplying 1630 first aid kits to Romanian villages in 1994.

Funding study tours to the UK for Romanian doctors in 1994 & 1995.

Running holiday clubs for village children in Romania and Republic of Moldova each year since 1996

Running a food programme for needy people in the Republic of Moldova during winter 1999

Providing cows and cow sheds in 2 villages in the Republic of Moldova to provide milk for poor families - now self perpetuating

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